jackets · maternity

Clothing in Action!

I finally got some pictures of my sister wearing her new jacket. She can actually still button it all the way up and she’s due next Tuesday! It’s crazy! The other day we were out buying Christmas trees and she was wearing a regular windbreaker, all zipped up. My mom was talking with another woman and mentioned that her daughter was due on the 22nd. The woman looked over at us and said “which one?” lol. She’s so tiny. Of course, she’s getting a bit sick of strangers asking if she’s eating enough and if she’s healthy. Yes and yes. She simply didn’t gain a lot of extra weight during the pregnancy and what she did gain wasn’t along the waistline. Except for the baby bump, of course.

Anyway, I promised to cut her face out of the photos, so you can’t see her lovely smile. But the jacket looks cute, at least!


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