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Hey June Halifax Hack

I really love the Hey June patterns–kind of like Sewaholic, they are my go to patterns for casual clothes that I wear constantly. So, I was pretty excited last year when Hey June released the Halifax hoodie–it's a great casual sweatshirt pattern that can be easily modified with different views so that it doesn't look like you've just made the same pattern over and over again (which is, let's be honest, exactly what I tend to do).

Anyway, I made up the Halifax and discovered that I did not love the sleeves. Loved the half-hoodie, the high-low waist, the cut-in sides–all those things were great. But I really don't like the set-in style sleeves. For me, they make the sweatshirt look quite svelte through the waist and hips, but very boxy in the shoulders.

So, I decided to splice together the bottom of the Halifax with the top of Hey June's Lane Raglan (one of my all-time favorite patterns). I don't pattern draft, so this was more along the lines of laying the Lane sleeve pieces on the Halifax and then chopping away. But the thing is–raglan sleeves are never perfect fit sleeves anyway–you're always going to need some adjustment. I should add, too, that I used my original Lane raglan pattern, which has since been updated (only I'm too lazy to reprint out the pattern). I'll probably make a few more of these Lane-Halifax hoodies this fall and I'll likely print the new Lane version for the sleeves. I think that might take care of a few of the wrinkles I'm getting across the front.

In the meantime, though, I love the modification. It makes the entire top, I think, more fitted and yet still retains all the bits I really love about the original Halifax hoodie. This aqua fabric is a poly-cotton French Terry from Jo-Anns and has held up really well–great recovery and still fairly breathable. I've worn this sweatshirt a lot this summer (Pacific Northwest weather means some occassional chilly summer days and nights), so I'll definitely make a few more in the coming months. I have a feeling that I'm going to go on a major French Terry buying spree soon!



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