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Kwik Sew 3720

Oh, Kwik Sew 3720! Why were you made with enough ease to hide a baby elephant under my shirt?

Seriously! What is up with these arms?!?

I cut a small. I mean, I realize that this shirt runs in the comfy range, but I'm going to have to go back and trim this down to an XS. It doesn't look as bad in the photos, but in person it looks like I just swirled several yards of fabric around me and then sashayed out the door. Note to Kwik Sew: finished garment measurements printed on the pattern are always extremely welcome!

I had originally thought about making the long sleeve version for doing yoga. That's right out–I'd get smacked in the face with a load of arm fabric every time I did a forward bend. Also, things that don't fit in my wardrobe: loads of arm fabric.

So, changes for the future:

  • scale down to an XS
  • use contrasting fabric for the sleeve and belly bands (too much floral all in one shirt!)
  • cut back the sleeves so that they are both trimmer and shorter. I like this shirt better with a 3/4 sleeve.
  • narrow the neckline–my bra straps peek through at the edges, so this needs to come in a bit.

I think for my sister-in-law, I'll try view B. My sister, while pregnant, ran really warm and pretty much wore short sleeves for 9 months. I'm guessing view B might be both more flattering (who needs a few extra pounds of fabric to carry around, right?) and more versatile. I'll probably make this in the same black floral fabric, but with the contrast in black rayon. Could be pretty and yet still work appropriate.



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