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New Look 6780

This is an older pattern, I think. I know I used it a few years ago (wow, almost 4 years ago, now!) when my sister was pregnant with Maddie. I love this pattern for maternity–it looks good in solids, patterns, or a mix of both. There are various sleeve options and an included band, which makes finishing the shirt so much easier and provides a bit of support for any belly bump. Plus, it makes the shirt more fitted and flattering for maternity wear, I think. It's a shame–it looks like it is out of print from Simplicity, although I imagine there are still copies of it running around.

Anyway, I made a combination of views C and D. I like this one best for maternity–the fluttering sleeves are fun and provide a bit of coverage for work, but the belly band draws the shirt in around the hips. This shirt is just a test run to see how it fits my sister-in-law (even though I'm the one modeling it here). I'm a bit worried that it will be tight through the bust, despite supposedly fitting a 37 in a size 6. Guess that tells you a bit about the ease in this pattern!

Since this was basically a muslin, I pulled out some old teal rayon/poly blend, as well as a bit of “Floral Cherry Blossom” cotton jersey I recently got from Girl Charlee. I really like Girl Charlee fabrics, in general, but this one was a disappointment. I loved the pattern (especially for my sister-in-law, who looks great in blue/greens), but unfortunately when I washed it, the flowers didn't shrink as much as the surrounding cotton, so they bubbled out in some really unfortunate ways and the grain became seriously skewed. Enough so that I didn't want to use much of it in a muslin for fear that it would really mess with being able to determine a fit for my sister-in-law. Bummer. Ah well, it made a good trim for this shirt–it pulls a lot in the band, but you can't tell and it doesn't throw off the fit elsewhere. Plus, it complemented the teal rayon nicely and makes for a more fun shirt, I think.

The pattern goes together really easily–the most time consuming parts are the gathering stitches, quite frankly. I serged all the inside seams, which took about 2 minutes, so the shirt from cutting to finishing only took about an hour and a half. Easy peasy. Actually, I liked it so much that I made another in a gray rayon knit I had lying around. Fun stuff. I might keep this one for myself instead of sending it to my sister-in-law.


It could work for maternity, right?



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