Vogue Summer 2013 Patterns!

Vogue just released their new patterns and I liked quite a few in this lot, even though some of them are designs I feel like I've seen before or already have. But here are my favorites.

Vogue 1351


I generally love cowl necks and I really like the bias skirt on this one. If I have time, I'll make one of these for the honeymoon in a jersey (probably leaving out the side zip).

Vogue 1348

Love the boatneck and the skirt on this. Wouldn't it be pretty in the silk mikado Amanda recently used?

Vogue 1353


Love the pleated neckline and the skirt. Great fabric too, although I think this style would work in both prints and solids. Also, can I just say that I really like that Vogue has gotten away from the totally crazy poses to instead just have the models stand still so you can see the dress? So nice.

Vogue 1352

Oops, spoke too soon. Seriously, though, this is a cute dress. I'd probably cut it down to just above the knee. Another possibility for the honeymoon. And in maybe a brighter print. I like Rebecca Taylor dresses, but Vogue recently seems to photograph them in rather drab fabrics.

Vogue 8898

Not crazy about this one as designed since the sleeves are asymmetrical. But I like this sleeve (rather than the one not pictured here) and could see altering the design to make a rather chic but comfortable knit dress. I don't know about having all that fabric hanging underneath my arm, though. Could get irritating after a while?

Vogue 8903

Definitely making this one for the honeymoon. Heck, I'd even make it in this pistachio green color. Might have to break my fabric fast to find a jersey in this color. That's a sad, sad belt, though.

Vogue 8910

I probably shouldn't like this one since I doubt it would suit my figure very well. But still, a neat jacket for work (not that I actually wear jackets to work). I'd probably have to shorten it–this jacket is definitely made for women with very long legs. I like the simplicity of it, though. And I'll admit that I'm totally drawn in just by the turquoise green camisole.

Vogue 8915

Cute! Another good honeymoon top. Maybe I'll even have time to make it if I ever finish the wedding dress!



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