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New Fabric!!

I love buying fabric. It’s like its own separate hobby that conveniently happens to work well with my other favorite hobby, looking at patterns. And sometimes I even sew.

I was on a bit of a fabric buying moratorium last year, since I wasn’t able to sew much during the school year. This fall, however, my lack of time for sewing hasn’t interfered with my fabric buying, which means that this week I got a fun package in the mail! All of these fabrics are from Denver Fabrics, which I really like even though the quality can be hit or miss. I love their selection, but I do wish they had better photographs and more accurate descriptions of the fabrics they carry.

First up, rose colored wool gabardine, black, white and purple ITY knit, and a pink sweatshirt fleece:

The sweatshirt fleece is fantastic–incredibly soft, fleecy on the inside, and knit on the outside. I’ll probably be using it to make the “On the Sidelines” sweatshirt from the Twinkle Sews book. I haven’t laundered the fleece yet, so I’m not sure whether or not it will pill and how it will sew. If it seems alright, I’ll probably order some more, as good sweatshirt fleece (especially in nice colors) seems a bit hard to find.

The ITY is also quite nice. Great bold colors without being too old looking. Is it just me or do a lot of ITY jersey patterns just seem straight out of the 80s? I like sewing ITY, since it has such great recovery, is easy to sew, easy to wear, and easy to launder, but I don’t always like the fabric patterns. Anyway, this one is lovely, with the pops of color in the flowers, and I think I’ll probably try out Simplicity 5454. Elizabeth’s recent version is lovely (I’m super jealous of that purple fabric), and I think it would make a fun dress to wear to work.

Sadly, I’ll be returning the rose wool gabardine. It’s just a bit too gabardine-ish. I love the color, but not the texture. I thought initially I’d use it for a jacket, but I think any jacket made using this would just look like an old sofa.

Up next, merlot colored wool flannel gabardine and rose and white wool herringbone!

So gorgeous. I’ve never sewen with wool flannel and I’m not sure what I’m going to make. Probably a jacket. And that herringbone! Here’s a close-up.

Lovely! Hard to tell in the photo, but this has got little bits of yellow in it, too. I bought enough for this burda jacket, which I’ve had my eye on for forever now.

No lace trim, though, I think. I’d really like to sew this so I can wear it next spring, but we’ll see. Sadly, I doubt I’ll be sewing it up anytime in the next month or so, as I had a stack of student papers come in on Friday. Ah, well, they’re a good excuse to do some more online fabric shopping . . .


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