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New Look 6087

I think technically this New Look pattern is a nightgown, but I’ve made this children’s New Look pattern before as a dress. It’s simple, fun, and the little pocket is hugely popular with my niece. I used a cute rayon challis before (which works really well), but this time around chose a sateen from Joann’s Lisette line. The Lisette fabrics are quite cute and fun, but many of them are a bit lightweight and I didn’t want to have to line the dress. Instead, I went with the sateen, which is a bit heavier and (I’m hoping) not too see-through. Since my niece lives in Phoenix, her dresses need to be very easy to wear, cool, and not too clingy. This pattern works perfectly, especially when made in a light cotton.

The front

The pocket just kills me. I have no idea what sorts of things she treks around with in her little pocket–toy spoons, treats for the dog, worms–but evidently she really enjoys putting things in there and then taking them back out again. I’m sure the pleasure of emptying out said pockets has long since worn off for my sister and brother-in-law when they do the laundry, though!

The back

I’m afraid this one looks a bit more like a nightgown than the last one I made (which was in dark blue with white dots). Still pretty cute, though.

Detail of the inside

I finished the armscye with bias and then just stitched for about two inches underneath the arm to keep it from flipping out. I didn’t want to stitch all the way around and have the thread show on the other side. The only part I’m not crazy about on this pattern is the clip in the back seam. On the dress part, the instructions have you clip about two inches down from bodice seam (where the skirt and the bodice meet) and then fold the SA over twice. The clipped section frays a bit in this fabric. I’ll put some fray check on it, but I always dislike have a clipped seam there. It never looks quite as neat as it could, I think. Other than that, though, this is a fun, quick pattern. I’m sure I’ll use it again.


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