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Puzzle Ball, Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

A lovely friend of mine from college gave me Joelle Hoverson’s book (Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts) many years ago when I first started sewing. I’m not much of a quilter since I’m not crazy about the cutting process of sewing. However, the book has some really fantastic small gifts that you can make quite easily. One of my favorites is the Puzzle Ball, which is based on a pattern of an Amish puzzle ball. It is a simple pattern (consisting mostly of 5″ round circles cut in half), and you can use multiple fabrics to create a really cute and baby-friendly toy. I like to make a Puzzle Ball to go with a set of Flannel Baby Blankets or the Super Quick + Easy Baby Quilt (both from the same book). It is easy to coordinate the fabrics so that the baby blanket and ball match without looking like a perfect set.

I just browsed the fat quarter’s section of Hancock’s for these fabrics. The light blue and dark red fabrics are both from fat quarters (sorry, I don’t know the name of those ones), while the white and red dotted one is an ABC Hancock’s fabric (again, no name). The green and the birds are both from Hancock’s “Top Drawer” fabrics. I think they all go together quite nicely, especially when paired with the little blanket:

This set is for a brand new baby in the family! J!’s cousins recently had a little girl, so I’ll be sending them these this afternoon, if I make it to the post office. A big if, in my case–why is it that going to the PO always seems like way more of a hassle than it really is?


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