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For When I Win Something Really Important.

JoAnn’s had a sale on Vogue patterns this weekend and I almost bought Vogue 1075.

At only $3.99, I probably just should have gotten it so that I could pull it out occasionally and stare longingly at the beadwork before working on yet another t-shirt. I don’t even know why I like this dress so much–I mean, even if I did make it, I would almost certainly never wear it. You have to be tall to wear this dress. Tall and have smokey eyes. When I try smokey eyes it tends to look like I’ve gotten into a fight with my compact. And besides which, I can’t think of a single event where I would go that I would need a long gorgeous dress with a train in the back and a slit up the front. I mean, this is not a wedding dress. This is a red carpet dress and there are very, very few of those in academia.

And besides which, this is not a dress I have any interest in making. The beadwork alone makes me cringe. I just know I would get bored stiff after sewing on bead three, with only eleventy million to go. Also, as gorgeous as that train is, the fact that it is off to one side would drive me crazy. I’d be constantly feeling as though I were off balance.

But still. I think the next time there is a pattern sale, I’ll get this. Maybe someday I’ll have a daughter or son who needs a glamor gown and who likes to sew beads. It will be utterly perfect.


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