butterick · maternity


I love cowl necks. They are like the jowly cousin to the prudish turtleneck. I hope my sister likes cowl neck shirts as much as I do, because she’s getting another one!

This is version A of Butterick 5388. For some reason, I tend not to use a lot of Butterick patterns. I’m not sure why. I think the styles tend to be looser rather than fitted, and loose clothes on me make me look like I’m playing dress-up. I just don’t have the frame to pull it off. But this shirt is really cute and comfy and I thought it might work well as a maternity shirt for my sister. As it turned out, the pattern required not a single alteration to turn it into a maternity shirt. The ease on this thing is at least 5-6 inches. I took the shirt in a little bit under the arms along the side seams and evened up the hem, but that was it. It looks rather terrible on my dress dummy, I’m afraid, since the rayon is very sheer (hello pregnancy bump!), but with a cami underneath and a little sweater or jacket, this should be a really cute shirt to wear. My sister is entering the last month now, and I expect that in a week or two she won’t want to be wearing too many fitted clothes. 😉 Something light, airy, and comfortable should be perfect.

Cute little pleat detail on the back.

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