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Burda Back Issue Wish List: September 2007

Next in the ongoing saga of Burda back issues that I will someday own comes September 2007. As far as women’s clothes go, this issue is pretty boring. This blouse is nice, for instance, but I’ve seen similar patterns from Simplicity and McCall’s.

This skirt is also really cute, but again–nothing so special that I’d buy the issue for it.
I actually really like this jacket and would seriously consider the issue for this pattern alone. I’m not entirely sure, though, that this is a look I could pull off. It seems to require some serious smokey eyes and someplace other than the library to wear it to. I can’t really picture myself grand dame-ing it up to the circulation desk in this.

Also, I’d need to carry a fan around
to get my hair to flare out properly
while wearing this jacket.

Still, those zippers! And that collar!

Tempting, tempting.

Nope, it wasn’t until I hit the children’s clothes section that I got sold on this issue.

Holy crap, I’m done for. I don’t even know any little girls and I want to make this. I was pretty ambivalent about the sex of my sister’s baby until I saw this issue. She had better have a girl, that’s all I’m saying, because even if she has a boy chances are that he’ll get that jacket.

Those skirts!! I would have loved a skirt like that when I was 8. And there has to be a way to incorporate a pocket or two. I sometimes get bored by the multitude of pencil skirts in Burda, but I have to say they never fail when it comes to children’s clothes. Beautiful.


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