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The Underpaid, Undervalued Laborer Shirt?

In my mind I keep calling Simplicity 2614 “The Secretary Shirt.” I’m not sure why, since the term “secretary” seems so old fashioned. I know tons of great administrative staff, without whom offices would flounder in misery, but I don’t know any secretaries. But such a sweet little shirt seems to deserve a cuter name than “The Administrative Staff Shirt.”

Anyway, Simplicity 2614 is one of the new Threads patterns that has A, B, C, D cups, so FBAs aren’t as necessary! How lovely! This is a pretty, simple shirt with three sleeve variations (sleeveless, short sleeve, and three-quarter length), and two of the pieces of the shirt are cut on the bias so there isn’t any need for zippers, buttons, or other closures. So nice! Between that and the varying cup sizes, this really is one of those patterns you can make in a few hours and wear out the next day.

I used a dotted swiss with very thin silver threads in it. I kept seeing it every time I went to Joann’s and finally broke down and got it. Such a pretty green color. Probably more suitable for spring than for fall, but honestly everyone needs some spring green in November. Or is that just me . . .

Aww, the silver threads don’t show up! Well, they’re there.
The back–this piece is cut on the bias.

And the side.
I like the cut of the hem on this shirt.
I guess you could tuck it in, but I like to leave it out.


I think I’ll probably try to make a maternity version of this shirt for my sister. I was thinking I could expand and gather the front piece at the empire waist to allow for her belly and use clear elastic at that seam for a little extra give. Hopefully that will be enough, especially since that piece is cut on the bias and the curved hem is already maternity friendly. We’ll see. I’m a little worried she won’t be able to pull it over her belly. This probably would have been a better shirt option about four weeks ago, instead of right now–a month from her delivery! I keep thinking “better late than never!” but that really doesn’t apply to maternity clothing.


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