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Burda, you win again [fist shake]!

A few months back I was browsing through the archives for the Burda magazine and stumbled across this gorgeous sheath dress and jacket from the March 2006 issue.

Lovely, no? The fabric has such a lustrous sheen that I kind of can’t imagine making this dress in anything but pearl white. It’s the design of the dress and jacket, though, that totally grabs me. The cut is so different. I love how the piping comes down the front and turns into the ties that close the dress. The cuffs curve up just a little bit, for a really elegant touch. And the three-quarter sleeves are perfect for a fancy dress—with this length you could wear the jacket in any season (and by that I mean any California season. Sorry crazy people who live in snowy places). The technical drawing for the front of the dress and jacket shows the “bib” more clearly–the back of the dress and coat use a similar construction:

I was completely smitten and started stalking eBay for the March 2006 issue. Imagine my joy when I found a listing, albeit one paired with January 2001. Ouch. Still, the price of 2 Burda magazines for a single pattern was worth it.

Then, last week, I searched for “burda” on etsy and darned if a pattern for that same exact sheath dress didn’t come up! An envelope pattern! With readable instructions! And it’s evidently available all over the place! Well, shooty. So I bought it. Still, now I’m wondering, is there a catalogue that will tell me which patterns from the magazines become Burda envelope patterns? Because that would be sooooo helpful. Also, it would save me from having to buy more of these:

I’m curious just how versatile this blouse really is . . .
call me crazy, but it seems like there aren’t that many
occasions that call for a pastel color-blocked overshirt.


3 thoughts on “Burda, you win again [fist shake]!

  1. Hehehe… I believe the “occasion” that would call for that pastel colorblock shirt would be known as “April 2001.” Looking forward to seeing the sheath and jacket made up though!

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