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Fashion Square Dress–Fabrics?

I finished up the fourth muslin for this dress and I think it’s at the point now where I’d like to make a wearable version. So . . . fabrics? I’d love to find a geometric print, but those seem hard to come by, so that’s probably out. I’ve been searching around and finally narrowed it down to five top choices.

Embroidered Crinkle Cotton

I’m really leaning towards Amy Butler’s Optic Blossom, even if it is quilting weight cotton. I think the Daisey print by Heather Bailey is probably too regular, especially given the number of seams on the dress. But I really love the embroidered crinkle cotton and I bet it would make such a lovely summer dress for this wedding.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Square Dress–Fabrics?

  1. I’m all for the peonies or that crinkle. Rumor says you avoid red, but I’m thinking red-splotched white (ok, these are far cuter than mere splotches) will grace you well.

  2. I was going to cast my vote for the first one, but then I thought it might be a little too somber for a wedding. On the other hand, it would be great for cocktail parties. Very sophisticated, yet still playful with the little splashes of color around the blossoms.

    Second choice would definitely be the last fabric–I like the peonies, but it’s a little too much of one shade of red.

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