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Check out those stillettos! (stilleti?)

Someone is selling this Vogue 4826 on eBay (size 18–bust 38). It’s way too big for me, which is such a shame because there is so much to love about this dress: the layered scooped back, the pleats at the waist, that pretty pink but slightly spotted fabric. What’s even better is that so much of the design of the dress is in the back; the front is quite plain, with the exception of the lovely shoulder detailing. This seems like the perfect dress for one of those high school romantic comedies, where the poor plain (read nerdy) girl gets picked up by the high school popular guy because of a bet. The girl gets a make-over and turns out to be stunning, of course. In my version of the story she could wear this dress to the prom as a metaphor for their relationship, so that when she dumps him on the dance floor he can contemplate her aweseomeness while she’s walking away to rejoin the nerdy guy she really likes. Man, I’m such a sucker for outfits where what’s going on in the front slinks its way around the sides and ends up on the back. I’m not entirely sure about those “released dart pleats” at the waist, though. Seems like you have to stand in that awkward “hips-jutting-forward” stance or else you look like you picked up a bustle in the Victorian Leftovers Department. Still, I’m very tempted to buy this pattern, just to see how the dress is put together. Maybe another project in the works.


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