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Fashion Square Dress

Sometime last year I went with my mother to Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall; we were supposed to meet my grandmother at one of the restaurants, so I picked up a map to figure out where it was. The front of the brochure had a picture of a gorgeous dress, but sadly no information about the photograph, photographer or (needless to say) the dress. Here it is:

Pretty, right? Simple lines, a rather unique fabric design, and lovely colors.* What I really like about this dress is how unusual it is–the bandeau style bust, the almost star shaped bodice, and of course, the lovely scalloping of the skirt along the waist. Looks very elegant and yet also fairly comfortable (at least for a strapless dress). Anyway, since I don’t have any of the info about the designer and probably couldn’t afford the dress if I did, I’m going to make one.

Foreseeable problems:

– Umm, what’s going on in the back? Wish I knew!
– Side zipper? Back zipper? Maybe the back has huge buttons? Probably not a lace-up!
– What kind of fabric? Ideally, I’d love a cotton with just a tinge of stretch. That’s probably not going to happen, though. A batik might be interesting.
– This dress looks suspiciously like it has boning. Bummer. Never used it, probably won’t for this one, either. It might have a built in bra (or bra pads), but I rather doubt it.
– Boy I wish it had straps. I could add some in, but a.) what style? and b.) do I really want to? Seems like it would ruin the lovely lines.
– How many skirt pieces? I’m betting five. I’m hoping five. Five skirt panels would mean a back zipper (=easier), but six would mean a side zipper (=much more complicated, but nicer). On the other hand, a side zipper means it would be easier to fit. Hmmm.
– How many bodice pieces? My guess: 1 central front piece; 2 front side pieces; 2 back side pieces; 1 central back piece. This would work with five skirt panels. If this is true, it means a side zipper.
– A little low cut for my taste. I’ll probably have to fix that or wear an outrageously huge necklace so that no one notices.

*More coral than orange in the original photo.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Square Dress

  1. hmm, I don’t think so, although that would be nice. It’s just the front photo for their store directory. Too bad–it would be nice to see how the rest of the dress is put together!

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