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Baby gifts: because they can’t complain about your color scheme.

Finally, finally, someone I know is having a baby, which means I can make baby gifts! Wheee!* My very fun friend Pat and his lovely wife Sarah are expecting their first child sometime in June. I immediately pulled out my copy of Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson, and made every baby item she had. Overwhelming, I know, but I just couldn’t resist. So, the new little tyke will be enjoying a cheerful blanket, some happy changing cloths (or maybe spit rags?), and (my favorite) a huggable little elephant. I even sewed the ears on extra tight so they could withstand that deadly combination of slobber and chewing.

* Hurry up, college friends! High school friends are beating you 1-0!

I love the fabrics–happy little trees and polka dots! All part of my devious plot to turn their child into an environmentalist who enjoys wearing bright orange.

Peanut, the littlest elephant.

The finished blanket and changing clothes. All matchy-matchy!

Tessa and her elephant (a practice model for the real thing).

Tessa’s elephant was made out of denim and upholstery fabric, to withstand her combined slobber and chewing, but sadly the little guy only lasted for about five minutes before he began to leak stuffing.

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