dresses · patterns

Probably in mauve.

Anthropologie has the kind of dresses that I absolutely love, but that I’m really not willing to pay for. Not because they aren’t worth it, but simply because I hardly ever have occasion to wear a dress and when I do, I’d rather make one. But it is hard to pass up on some of their lovely clothing, such as the Autumn-to-Winter dress from last fall.

Then, today, I ran across a pattern on eBay, Vogue 7345, that I think could be altered to make a similar dress–a “A Few Leaves Die-to-Slightly Chilly Weather” dress, perhaps. Obviously, the neck would need to be altered, the sleeves changed to cap sleeves, and something done about that big streak up the middle. Still, it has potential. The basic pieces are there (including the gathering under the bust and along the waist) and this version even has pockets!

So, corduroy, like the Anthropologie version? I’m almost tempted to try it in cotton first, since here in CA we are already rapidly exiting “winter” and shifting back towards our natural state of gorgeous.


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