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Spoonflower opened their virtual doors to everyone a while back, but I didn’t find out until around October. I got suckered in by The Small Object’s “letter to my niece quilt.” Awww. I couldn’t resist. So, I made my brother and his new wife a quilt. Instead of a letter, though, I used the text of “their song” from their wedding and added in some fun border circles, sent it off to Spoonflower and had it printed.

The quilt turned out alright. I’m not crazy about it. I liked the design, but it was hard to quilt since I don’t have a quilting machine and I didn’t have time to do it by hand. I think if I ever find the time, I’ll steal the quilt back from them and do it properly. I just ended up quilting the circles and underneath the words. Arrr! adorably said they would hang it up in their new house, but I hope they use it.

The fabric itself was quite nice. The color saturation in some of the larger circles wasn’t quite right, but I imagine they are still working out the kinks with their printer. And if I ordered any more yardage, I’d definitely first print up a color pattern, so that I know what colors to use. At the time, I only knew for sure how pink and brown would print, so I just used those two. Fortunately, I like pink and brown together. Also, I don’t think I would print a 2 yard pattern again. I think it would be a lot of fun to make another “special occassion” fabric, but I would do a smaller pattern and make a wall hanging out of it, rather than a quilt.


2 thoughts on “Spoonflowering!

  1. What a neat exhibit! I love < HREF="http://www.oma-online.org/quilt_visions_2006/pages/Time%20is%20as%20Weak%20as%20Water.htm" REL="nofollow">this one<>, in particular. It reminds me of your prints–a neat way to reproduce the texture of a woodcut.

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