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Wedding Dress #4: The Rehearsal

J!’s sister was married Nov. 1st, so of course we flew out for a lovely wedding weekend in MA. It was loads of fun. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated Halloween quite so much as when I spent it back east. Halloween as a final fling before the cold weather sets in makes a lot more sense in a state that gets snow than it does in Central California, where I grew up.

Anyway, I made up a quick, casual dress for the rehearsal dinner. More for my own enjoyment than out of necessity. I had bought the fabric a while back (one of my first fabric purchases, actually) and after sewing so many dresses with slinky crepe fabrics, it was a pleasure to cut into a nice crisp cotton again.

I really like the neckline on this Simplicity 2846 pattern. I think I’ll make this dress again, using Amy Butler’s Lotus–the morning glory pattern for the dress and polka dots for the trim. I might also replace the ribbons on this version of the dress–they look kind of like reflective strips. I promise, with a white sweater they look much better.

The puppy comes over to investigate . . .

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