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Leaf Bowls

I really like these Oak Leaf bowls from Martha Stewart. They are the kind of gift that would be perfect for one of my grandmothers, who entertains a lot but who has more than enough bowls. That said, I can’t help but feel that this is not the kind of project I’ll probably do. For one thing, it involves what looks like a lot of tedious cutting. I hate cutting. For another thing, I don’t have a local fabric store that carries wool tweed. And I probably wouldn’t order five different kinds of wool tweed online, since to make the shipping charges worth it I’d have to order way more wool tweed than I really need. Or end up making leaf bowls for everyone I know.

I wonder, though, if you could do this project with the felt, a really heavy interfacing, and quilting fabric? I doubt the cotton fabric would have enough heft to hold up, but maybe. If I had an actual studio, I’d probably try this out. This is why I need a sewing studio. So that I could simply open up my wool tweed stash, pick out a few yellows and oranges that didn’t make it into my fall wardrobe the year before, and turn out some leaf bowls.

Or I could just spend hours and hours creating new fabric designs to send to Spoonflower.


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