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Wedding Dress #2

Our second wedding of the summer was in Topeka, KS, where my sister-in-law grew up. It was a fantastic wedding, with all kinds of touching details, like outrageous “Bride” and “Groom” sunglasses, gift bags with tasty snacks in the hotel rooms (S knows our family too well already), and a wonderful “Welcome to Kansas” family barbecue, complete with tornado! I was very excited–I haven’t been in a tornado since I was very young. It consisted mostly of everyone convening in the basement for snacks and cards. Good times.

My sister M and I stood on the groom’s side, with our other brother K and M’s husband S (hmm, too many initials there, I think). It isn’t exactly traditional, but I like it better that way. Plus I had fun escorting one of the bridesmaid’s down the aisle. The bridesmaids wore fantastic black dresses, but since we were on the grooom’s side, Mer and I just found our own dresses. Well, she bought hers and I made mine. It was one of my better efforts, too–just the right length, cute but still chic, and the zipper only bubbled a little in the back. I still need to work on that a bit. I used New Look 6749 (the version pictured below, in raspberry). I really like this pattern–it is sweet without being cloying. I think I’d like to make this one again sometime in another color–a rose colored dress, with a cream ribbon would be pretty. I used crepe backed satin, which was perfect. The bodice is lined, but the skirt isn’t. The satin was heavy enough, though, that it wasn’t a problem. Also, I had to use pink lining (I stupidly forgot to buy black, oh well), but honestly, I like it better this way. A little surprise for anyone staring at my armpits!

New Look 6749. I have to find a pair of black heels like hers–perfect.

Actually, my heels were cute, too, and not as high. Ha!

Yeah, I know–I need to redo the hem.


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