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Do the Polka . . . Dot!

So, back when I first got interested in sewing (sometime last summer), I went on a fabulous shopping spree at my favorite fabric store, Osgood’s. Unfortunately, Osgood’s is in Chicopee, MA and I live in Davis, CA, so the 2,950 mile commute is a bit rough. On the flip side, my boyfriend’s parents are lucky enough to live right down the street from Osgood’s, so I make it out there at least once a year.

During my first trip to Osgood’s I picked up some great blue and white polka dot fabric. Some kind of slinky polyester, I know, but look how perfect it is! Diagonally arranged polka dots, with some neat extra trim of small white lines with tiny blue dots. It’s the trim that did it for me–I wouldn’t have bought this fabric if it had just been blue and white dots.

I saved this fabric for quite a while–I wanted to make a really cute dress that I would actually wear. I finally picked out a Very Easy Vogue (V8025) dress that I liked. The final result looks pretty good, although I can never get the ribbon to stay tied.

Vogue 8025

A few thoughts about this dress and pattern:

1. I’ve made two dresses using this pattern now. I like the dress style a lot–it follows the waist naturally and it drapes nicely when you use the right fabric. It can cling, though, so the dress should either be lined or worn with a slip.

2. Lining this dress would be difficult, I think, because of the casing for the ribbon.

3. I think I need to shorten the skirt just a bit. It hits right at the knee, but I have oddly short calves, so shortening the skirt would make my legs look more proportional. (I have a feeling that four inch heels would produce similar results, but that sounds more painful than ripping out the hem. Also, I think this dress would be cute with ballet flats, my personal shoe solution for everything.)

4. A few months later I made a tank top using the same fabric, but with a different neckline. I wear it all the time. Looking back on this now, I think I’d get rid of the ribbon casing and redo the neckline using the tanktop pattern. I bet it is still possible, but I don’t know if I have the energy for it now. Bummer.


2 thoughts on “Do the Polka . . . Dot!

  1. What a great dress! It’s a nice combination of playful and classy–it must have been hard holding on to the fabric for so long, though. I would have gotten impatient and tried to use it long ago…

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