Xmas Quilt

For Christmas, J!’s parents gave me a beautiful, beautiful quilt by Lizi Boyd with the pattern above. The quilt is not pieced together, but instead is two large swaths of fabric stitched to each other. The fabric is amazing–green with large white dots and birds of paradise swimming among water lilies. I love it. It is the perfect “cookies and tea” blanket for rainy mornings. Or, alternatively, “apple butter toast and orange juice” for sunny mornings. Not that I actually eat anywhere near this quilt, since the chances of me spilling something stain-remover-resistant all over it are quite high.

Lizi Boyd also makes lovely cards, gift tags, and wrapping papers. I’m particularly in enamored of the gift tags. Eventually I want to find some cardstock and rubber stamp material so I can make my own, but I’d definitely use these in the meantime.


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