Going for a Green Xmas!

Inhabitat had a neat post a few days ago about using silk scarves to wrap Xmas or Chanukah presents this season. It’s win/win–no wasted paper that’s simply going to end up in a huge garbage bag on the curb, plus you gift someone a present and a silk scarf!

Too bad for me I have no silk scarves, and I’m too much on-a-graduate-student-budget to go get any. So instead my ever-patient J! drove me to Jo-Ann’s and I picked up some very soft red fabric, on clearance for only $2! I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t already snatched up a yard or ten of this stuff! Some stitching later, plus a little gold ribbon, and all my gifts were swathed in red (and reusable!) bags. Well, all the wee sized gifts, anyway. I’m going to have to make some not-so-wee red bags later.

I’m very, very excited about my gifts this year! Our local grocery store, the fabulous Nugget Market, has been selling salt plates. Turns out, you can cook on them, freeze them, scrub them–do pretty much everything except drop them on the floor! Well, you can do that too, but it would tend to ruin their usability as plates. I can already picture that somewhat shocked, but valiantly-trying-to-be-polite-look that my sister will get when she opens up her gift and finds herself staring at what appears to be a large salt lick. In all seriousness, though, I think she’ll love it, if only for the sheer uniqueness. How many people can say they’ve cooked veggies or made ice cream on a block of salt?

My sister and her husband are also getting a handmade gift for their pug, Rocko. He’s devoted to my brother-in-law, except when football is on, at which point he deserts him for my sister. Ha! We’re all heading up to Northern Arizona this weekend, where it has been snowing, and as pugs aren’t exactly “mush, dog, mush!” animals, Rocko is getting a little cape to keep him warm.

Sadly, from this angle, it looks a lot like a giant, football-themed tick. I’m sure it will be much cuter when he’s actually wearing it. If it fits him. I was pretty generous with the strap length, but then Rocko is of a pretty generous girth.


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