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More Lotta

I know, I’ve already copied one of her bags, so I should leave the others alone. But I can only find the Smyca bag in purple, which I’m not crazy about. So why not make my own? I’ve seen this style bag around, and I even have a similar bag from H&M, so I don’t think it would be too difficult. I like the minimalist fabric LJ used, but I almost think the bag is simple enough that a busier pattern would also work. Even a light cotton print, if reinforced, would probably make a really fun spring or fall bag. Maybe this “apricot” print, with green edging?

Kitchen Floral Apricot, by Robert Kaufman

And for the interior of the bag–this green polka dot pattern? The outside is so busy, that I think something calmer would work for the inside. Plus, I’m also a sucker for green and yellow together–I think it comes from reading Strawberry Shortcake books when I was growing up. Didn’t Lemon Meringue always wear yellow and green?

Pop Parade, by Metro for P & B

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